Life coach visits Mshiniwami

“Create a life that reaches out to others.”

The Bulletin News
Wayne Stuart motivates students at Mshiniwami

The students of Mshiniwami Artisan Academy were visited by life coach and motivational speaker Wayne Stuart, on Thursday 28 June.
During his talk, Stuart used his journey of frustration in his career to illustrate that initial unhappiness can serve as a stepping stone to one’s purpose.
Before walking down the path of life coaching, Wayne hopped between numerous industrial jobs, finding himself deeply unhappy and unsatisfied for years.
Having found his passion, Stuart is presently a life coach, motivational speaker, mentor and standup comedian.
He describes himself as having a passion for people, and seeks to combine his four passions to “create a life that reaches out to others.”
Stuart Coaching, a company by Wayne, carries the mission of working with individuals and organisations to bring out the best in people.
Having gotten as far as he has, Stuart shared his story to offer hope to the young students of Mshiniwami Artisan Academy, a place very similar to where he started.
Although brief, the session seemed to jolt a few faces awake in the hollow workshop.
When Stuart left the podium, he was as energetic as when he first approached it, leaving the crowd buzzing with applause.


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