Domination at Fightstar

A knock out within sixteen seconds of the fight!

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Photo: Fightstar

The commentators called the two fighters for the fight on Saturday night “two of the finest fighters out there.”
In the first of the semi-finals in the “Searching for a Scrap” competitions, they called it a “war that is about to happen”. The commentators said that the fight should go two ways.
Either over in a blink or three action packed rounds.
In a fight that was televised to 53 countries and a reach of 50 million people, Smit “Malboer” Steyn from Dominators Den fought against Chukhuma Okoli from Fight Evolution, with Referee Nick presiding over the fight.
The fight started with the customary touch of the gloves. Malboer threw the first two punches followed by a low kick. Okoli answered with a quick jab to Malboer’s face.
Okoli followed that with two more, well placed jabs and a straight punch into Malboer’s face.
Malboer landed a right hook onto Okoli’s jaw that ended the fight with a knockout, sixteen seconds into the fight!
In his post-fight interview in the cage Smit said that he thought Okoli will come out swinging but realized that he was not that aggressive and he thought he should swing it and see what happens.
And it did happen!
A knock out within sixteen seconds of the fight! It was an absolute pleasure to watch. Clean and quick.
In an earlier fight Vice Nkosi faught against James Mynhardt.
Vice took James to the ground and used his wrestling abilities to subdue James.
Good tactical groundwork from Nkosi secured a win against James via a TKO in the first round.


Smit “Malboer” Steyn and Chukhuma

Vice Nkosi and James Mynhardt


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