Winter Warmer Blessings

“We are very proud to be part of this base of support for people with disabilities.”

The Bulletin News
Vukuzithathe Primary School was one of the schools that received an award for supporting the disabled at Basizeni’s winter warmer event. Here is the principals of both schools with Louis Botha and the award.

Basizeni Special School held a Casual Day Winter Warmer on Thursday 14 June. The school hosted representatives (most of whom were principals) from other local schools including Osizweni Special School and Vukuzithathe Primary School. During the proceedings, the school hall was filled with teachers and students alike. Between performances by learners and staff, the significance of Casual Day to the school was emphasized.
Mr JJ van Wyk, the deputy principal of Basizeni, highlighted the strides the school had made over the three Casual Days that the school had begun to participate in. “The main reason we are here is to acknowledge the achievements of the past three years,” he said.
“We are very proud to be part of this base of support for people with disabilities.”
The school, as explained by Mr van Wyk, had raised almost half a million rand through their Casual Day initiatives over the past three years. On the day of the Winter Warmer, each of the 170 students at Basizeni received a blanket (which was purchased using the Casual Day proceeds) to keep them warm through the chilliest months of the year.
Mrs Mariette Botha, a teacher at the school, said that even though the contribution was relatively small, she found joy in giving the learners a gift that could make even the smallest difference. And the difference was clear when each child walked out of the hall holding a bundle of warmth.
The school will continue to participate and raise funds through its upcoming Casual Day initiatives, urging all potential supporters to be a part of the little differences in the lives of Basizeni’s beloved learners.


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