eMba police disappoint community

“Down with eMba police station!” and “Out with corrupt officials!”

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Angry marchers

Members of South African National Civil Organisation (SANCO) marched to eMbalenhle Police Station on the morning of 5 June. Donned in their yellow SANCO garb, the community members chanted as they paced their way with a memorandum intended for the station commander.
Upon arrival, the marchers could be heard shouting slogans like “Down with eMba police station!” and “Out with corrupt officials!”
Like the recent women’s protest outside the station, the march echoed the sentiments of residents who had been victims of crimes in the area.
Regional Chairperson of SANCO Gert Sibande, Mr Nhlapo, said that the march was sparked by police complacency in the cases of young girls who go missing, are assaulted and later found dead. “We hear many reports of individuals coming to report cases and are sent home to come back the next day,” he said.
“The memorandum is directed to the provincial police commissioner but he couldn’t be here today so the station commander will receive it and hand it over to him,” Mr Nhlapo said. SANCO stated that they expected a response within seven days, which would be on 12 June. “We started with a peaceful march, but if we don’t get a positive response within seven days, we are going to shut down eMbalenhle,” Mr Nhlapo said. “We are going to make sure that the people of eMbalenhle are not going to attend school or work until we get the response that we want.”
Whilst reading the memorandum at the gates of the police station, Mr Nhlapo also divulged the names of the officers who were on duty when the Nkutha family went to report their daughter missing in May. “We ask that officers Mahlangu, Malatji and Mnisi be investigated and suspended for sending the family home and telling them to come back the next day instead of taking the case and searching for the child immediately,” Nhlapo’s voice blared over a loudspeaker. “We also want to know why they refused to help the family. Why were they told to wait 24 hours?” he asked.
“Investigating officer, Mr Mlotshwa, must also be suspended for failing to take action even after the little girl’s friend showed him the house where they were raped,” Nhlapo said.
Throughout the reading of the memorandum, the community stood behind Mr Nhlapo, nodding and interjecting in agreement.
At the time of publishing, the seven days waiting period had not yet passed. Members of SANCO confirmed that they would be meeting on 12 June for a way forward.


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