Girl, 11, found dead

The body was certified dead on the scene and it was discovered that her lower lip was missing.

The Bulletin
Rato Nkuna Photo supplied

On Monday 7 May 2018, a child was reported missing after she went to a nearby shop. She took longer than usual to return, and her mother grew worried, after which she went to eMbalenhle police station to report her missing. Police searched around the area and could not find her.
On the following day, the search continued up to the river in Wellas, after her father had reported that he heard her crying by the reed fields surrounding the river. Police could not find her in the field, and divers were sent to help with the search, but they also found nothing in the river.
At about 06:45 on 9 May, the police received a complaint from a member of the community, who claimed that there was a body lying in one of the yards in extension 15 eMbalenhle.
The police went to the scene and the body was identified as that of the missing child, Rato Nkuna, who was 11 years old. The body was certified dead on the scene and it was discovered that her lower lip was missing. All role players were summoned to the scene.
The community of eMbalenhle is outraged at the death of Nkutha, with many of them crying out for something to be done. Social media is swarming with not only messages of condolence to the family, but the urge for the community to take matters into their own hands. At the moment, it is not clear what this would entail.
The number of child deaths in South Africa has often been described as “horrific”, and between 2015 and 2016 almost 900 children were murdered, according to a report by the Institute of Race Relations (IRR). In 2016, the United Nations ranked South Africa among the world’s most violent nations. According to police figures, each year between 800 and 900 children are killed.
With these numbers in mind, the outrage of the community is not without warrant. Parents are concerned for the safety of their children, who easily disappear on a common trip to the store.
For now, the death of Rato Nkutha is shrouded in uncertainty. Detective Captain Mlotshwa, the investigating officer of the case, said the case is still under investigation and the body is undergoing post-mortem analysis.


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