Sasol demolishes Witbank

Witbank lost most of their lineouts to Sasol. Their throw-ins were low and slow and need more practice.

The Bulletin Newspaper

Sasol rugby club (Sasol) displayed some brilliant rugby in their game against the newly formed Witbank Rugby Club (Witbank). Sasol won the game by 62 to 20 points.
Witbank Rugby club is an amalgamation of two Witbank teams, namely Ferros and Highveld with Sasol Rugby club as their first opponents. The performances of the two teams in the past, especially Ferros, should only spell trouble for their opponents in the future.
This was not the case on Saturday. Witbank did not display the fire that they played with last year. One can only presume that the team players still have to find their rhythm. They also need to play as a team. This will come in time. Hopefully the players will stick together until then.
Sasol, however, put on a display that they can be proud off. The level of rugby that they played at the beginning of the league can only be an indication of a good year. Sasol had two “off” weekends and it seems that they put this time to good use.
The scrums functioned well and the front rows did not stand back for their strong counter parts. Two turnover balls (tight heads) early in the game set the trend for the scrums to follow. Although Witbank was no push over, they did allow Sasol to dominate.
Lineouts were a different story. In stark contrast to last year’s struggle, Sasol dominated the lineouts totally. Their throw-ins were on target and the jumper on cue. It was good execution all around. Witbank lost most of their lineouts to Sasol. Their throw-ins were low and slow and need more practice.
Sasol’s work around the scrum was excellent and fast. They had their opponents guessing all the time.
The Sasol backline really impressed. They showed a willingness to attack and to pass the ball around. A number of times they deliberately straightened their attack line and took the attack head on to their opponents in a style that we so seldom see in modern rugby. Straight attacking lines create gaps and that is what happened against Witbank. Sasol used these gaps to their advantage. They also managed to draw the players from the wings into the playing field, creating overlaps in the backline. This resulted in a try fest for the backline.
It is difficult to find fault in a game like this, where everything seemed to work like a machine. There are a few areas that needs to be addressed.
The first is ball handling.
Many opportunities were lost due to poor handling. Fortunately, it was not the order of the day.
Secondly, the players sometimes passed wildly and this would put everyone under pressure as the ball went backwards.
The major point of concern is that Sasol seemed to become complacent three quarters through the game. This allowed Witbank to score. Sasol looked unfit and tired in the last 15 minutes.
There are, however, far more positive points to talk about in this game and if this would form the basis for the games to come, then I’m sure that the opponents will have their work cut out for them.
All in all, well done Sasol.
A good game was played with tremendous spirit and enthusiasm.


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