Victory Taekwondo Martial Arts fundraiser

The team will be taking part in the International Championships from 2-17 July


The Victory Taekwondo Martial Arts School held a fundraiser in association with Oregon Spur on the evening of 24 April. 10 percent of the night’s proceedings went towards funding the school’s upcoming trip to America.
The team will be taking part in the International Championships from 2-17 July in Little Rock, Arkansas, where Erika Vorster of the Victory Taekwondo School says “millions participate”.
Throughout the evening, students of the school demonstrated their martial arts skills, impressing passersby over the fast-paced music that blared through their large multi-coloured speakers.
The group of students was made up of a combination of all ages, with different sets of skills and strength. “Taekwondo isn’t age-bound,” Erika explained. “Our youngest student is three years old, and the oldest master we know of in South Africa is 96. So, it really is for everyone.”
Taekwondo is also inclusive of those with special needs, and in South Africa, there are incorporated programs for those with physical disabilities.
A total of 38 students from all of the dojos in South Africa will be participating in the championships, including members from Evander, Johannesburg, Middelburg, Witbank, Bloemfontein and Polokwane.
Having taken over the Secunda dojo in 2014, Erika and her husband, JP Vorster, are immensely proud and elated at the opportunity to be able to take their team to Little Rock.
“What I love about Taekwondo is that it instills discipline without being painfully militaristic,” Erika said. “It’s also not really about religion, as most people believe. We accept people from all walks of life.”
It is this same discipline and openness that the Victory Taekwondo wishes to carry on their shoulders throughout the international championships.


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