Curro Castle annual athletics day

The small children were screaming with laughter as they took part.

The Bulletin Newspaper

Curro Castle held their annual athletics day on Saturday.
80 children between ages 2 and 5 took part in the day. It was very clear that this athletics day was enjoyed by all that attended. Parents and grandparents all took part in the activities.
First aid was available for those that needed it. It could have been there to make sure that the parents and grandparents that needed help could be attended to but this was not confirmed.
The small children were screaming with laughter as they took part. All the activities were adapted to fit nursery kids. They took part in the following activities: High jump, Javelin, Hurdles, Wheelbarrow pushing, Shotput, Bike race and Sprints.
Curro Castle is called castle to fit into the fantasy world of children where every child is a prince or princess. Curro Castle places a lot of emphasis on sensory play and gross motor development. A lot of educational toys are used to play.
The day ended after everyone had an opportunity to partake. Medals, a small “sweetie” bag as well as a certificate were given to every learner that was there on Saturday.
As all headed home some heads started bobbing and soon a number of children were fast asleep.
It was a day enjoyed by all.
Let everyone storm the castle again next year.


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