Power outage fixed

The Bulletin Newspaper

A Distribution box (mini sub) exploded into flames at Olienhoutstreet on Thursday evening. It affected power supply to a large area.
A new sub was ordered as the old one was completely destroyed. The new sub arrived on Saturday and the process of installation could begin. Govan Mbeki Municipality handed the installation to a contractor that installed the sub.
Unfortunately GMM procedures dictate that when subcontractors work on projects, GMM personnel should stand aside. This led to some bystanders hurling insults to GMM workers. The insults were uncalled for and GMM personnel had no other choice but to ask for intervention from the ward councillor.
The power were eventually restored on Saturday at approximately 19H30.
The GMM personnel were stretched with three major pipe burst also within GMM.
Thank you to everyone that contributed to fixing this problem.


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