Sprayathon at Kruinpark

The Bulletin Newspaper
Zoey Engels

Kruinpark hosted a CANSA Sprayathon on Friday, 9 March. Kruinpark involved all their children and the school hall was buzzing with excitement. The CANSA mascot proved to be a hit with the children as their shrieks of laughter echoed through the hall and faces lit up when he came closer.
It was controlled chaos as the children lined up for their turn to have their hair sprayed. Some children stared in awe at all that was happening around them.
Mari-Anna Victor, Department head, told the Bulletin that they are extremely proud to host the Sprayathon. She also said that they hope to raise some funds for CANSA.
The Bulletin conducted a short interview with Ms. Victor. It can be viewed on our Facebook page.





Simoné Beetge


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