SANBS say thank you

The Bulletin Newspaper
Sister Sanet adressing the controllers

Beautiful flowers, colour changing led’s on the tables and red banners on the stage set the mood for the South African National Blood Service (SANBS) controller function on Friday night.
The night proved to be a hit with everyone that attended. Dieter Uken once again proved what difference a good master of ceremonies could be.
Sister Sanet gave a presentation on the branches’ achievements of the year and Dot Prinsloo spoke about the blood products.
Each controller received a small token of appreciation and Megchem received the prise for blood drive of the year. Controllers are responsible for arranging the clinics and venues.
The function was held at Graceland and as usual, it was a very grand affair. The food was excellent and everybody enjoyed themselves especially when Dieter started singing some “local is lekker” songs. Nearly everybody joined in the singing and dancing.
Blood is such an important commodity and the controller does a tremendous job in helping SANBS achieve their blood targets.
Thank you to everyone.

The Bulletin Newspaper
Thea Schmidt of Megchem receiving her trophee for best blood drive from Dot Prinsloo


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