WOZA 2019

“Tsotsi number one! DD Mabuza makes Jacob Zuma look like a nursery school teacher!”

The Bulletin Newspaper
Mmusi Maimane delivering his speech

Woza 2019 (come 2019) is the clear message that the Democratic Alliance (DA) is bringing to the people.
The DA Mpumalanga held their 7th Provincial congress at Graceland on Saturday the 3rd of March. A number of members of parliament attended the congress, including Ivan Meyer (Western Cape minister of finance), James Selfe (Chairperson of the DA’s Federal Council) and Mmusi Maimane, leader of the Democratic Alliance.
The main arena was packed with delegates, dignitaries and observers, all wearing blue in DA tradition.
The congress marked the end of an era as James Masango, Leader of the DA in Mpumalanga, was to step down as leader, paving the way for a new era as Jane Sithole becomes the first female leader of any political party in Mpumalanga.
The congress was characterised by singing and dancing to the beats of political songs, “The time has come for Mmusi” being a very popular song.
James Selfe said in his address to the congress “Both the EFF and the ANC have sold out to racial solidarity. Both are doing the cynically and for the short-term gain, now more than ever we have the opportunity and the duty to tell South Africans that only together will we solve the problems of this country.”
In her address, Refiloe Ntsekhe, DA National Spoksperson, said “This province (Mpumalanga) will play a crucial role in achieving the objective of bringing about total change. When we talk about total change we talk about bringing the ANC below 50% nationally. Coalition governments can then be formed with people that understand that the people come first.” Rifiloe then went on to say “When we talk about total change we mean a total shift from liars and looters to a caring and corrupt free government.”
“The Constitution is the fundamental pillar of the South African people and should be subscribed to fully.” This message was echoed throughout the day by all speakers.
“David Mabuza completely destroyed this province and enriched himself and his friends, Cyril Ramaposa believes that the poor must fund his larger than life cabinet,” says Refiloe, “Why must we have such a large cabinet at the expense of the people?” Total change means that the politicians should be servants of the people and not the other way around.”
Mmusi Maimane did not mince words when he said “We have had a Jacob Zuma problem, but it is not just a Jacob Zuma problem. It is an ANC problem.”
“Not only did we have rising stars from Mpumalanga we also had rising Tsotsis from Mpumalanga! Mashodu, Detsodsi, SKELMS! They call themselves DD,” says Mmusi “How do you as a premier spend millions of rands, buying coverage in the New Age and think that is not corruption?”
“How do you manipulate matric results and hope they will improve because you haven’t taught the children, now you try and change the marks. When they stole money in the 2010 worldcup, we knew them and they were championed by DD Mabuza.” Say Mmusi, “Tsotsi number one! DD Mabuza makes Jacob Zuma look like a nursery school teacher!” He went on to say “DD is tsotsi original!
“What deal did DD Mabuza have with Cyril Ramaposa that DD Mabuza is today the deputy president?” asks Mmusi.
One of the most important statements that Mmusi made is regarding farmers and expropriation of land without compensation. “If you are a farmer, and you are a white farmer, I want you to know that in the DA you will have security of tenure.” Said Mmusi “I want you to know that your job in this country of providing food for our people is important and I will fight and make sure that your right is as protected as every other citizen in this country. Otherwise we will have what Zimbabwe have today”
Mmusi went on to say that the only reason the EFF is choosing Nelson Mandela Bay is because at the core of the EFF they can’t stand white people. They are fighting against Athol Trollip, not because of any failure, but because he is white. “They are a racist party”.
James Masango gave an emotional farewell and thanked his colleagues for their support.


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