Stormwater drain poses hazard

Residents are paying millions each month. What exactly is it for, is the question?

The Bulletin Newspaper
The drain that Alet Greeff fell into

Govan Mbeki Municipality were lucky recently after an incident that could’ve ended in court after a mom stepped into a broken storm water drain with her babygirl in her arms.
Alet Greeff was on her way to Clicks in Bethal on 27 January when she parked in the main road next to Mr. Price. When she got out of her vehicle, she walked to the passenger side to get her 11-month (now 12 months) old daughter Zamoné out of the car. “I took her out and as I turned around I landed with both my legs in a broken stormwaterdrain,” Alet said. Zamoné was in her arms at the time and fell with her head on the pavement. Fortunately no one sustained serious injuries apart from a very hard fall, broken shoe and minor injuries. “It is absolutely ridiculous that the municipality leaves it just like this,” she said.
It is clear that GMM does not care about the safety of their citizens. This is not an isolated case and if one looks at the bigger picture, this might be the most dangerous municipality to live in, health wise.
It is well known that refuge lies in front of houses to rot for up to a month. Kinross dumping site is closed, Evander doesn’t have one and Secunda and Bethal’s is almost inaccessible. Evander residents are now literally living amongst an illegal dumping site which is situated at the side of a main road.
Power boxes are left unlocked (the ones that have doors anyway) and connections are made with an extension cord because the municipality is not able to fix a problem to a house in Secunda. Then we also have the non existing and out of order traffic lights, the taxi’s who think that road rules doesn’t apply to them and then everyone knows the situation with pot holes. Fire hazards in GMM are also skyrocketing but it seems like no one at GMM cares.
Residents are paying millions each month. What exactly is it for, is the question?


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