Children, smoking and the law

“You don’t smoke in front of children, they tend to follow examples."

The Bulletin Newspaper

A woman showed another driver middle finger after this driver pointed out that it is illegal to smoke with children in the car. The white Toyota Yaris, with three adults and 2 children were driving in Helen Joseph road just after 16:00 in the afternoon.
“I was driving behind the Yaris and saw two small girls, not buckled up, on the back seat. An adult woman was sitting next to them. I could see the cigarette smoke blowing in the kids faces. I overtook them and when we were in front of Highveld Park High school I pulled up next to them. That is when I saw the woman driving was also smoking. There was another occupant in the car but I can’t be sure that she was smoking. I told them that you don’t smoke with children in the car, they passed me while showing me middle finger,” the driver of the other car said. Her name is known to the Bulletin, but she wants to stay anonymous.
“I myself am a smoker, but nothing irritates me more than smokers not respecting other people, smoking in front of children and putting out their buts wherever they smoke. If you don’t have respect for yourself, at least respect someone who don’t smoke,” she said.
“You don’t smoke in front of children, they tend to follow examples. You don’t smoke in front of non-smokers or the elderly, it is called respect. If you want to smoke, make sure it is a hazard to you only and please put your buts in a dustbin, even if you smoke outside. It is disgusting seeing buds lying around everywhere,” the anonymous driver said.

What is in your cigarette?

Tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals. Many of these are poisonous and over 60 are known to be cancer causing (carcinogenic).
1.Nicotine – a poisonous alkaloid which is also a powerful drug that affects the brain and is highly addictive.
2.Tar – Toxic chemicals that collects in the lungs and can cause cancer
3.Carbon monoxide – When inhaled it enters the blood stream and interferes with heart and blood vessel operations.
4.Arsenic – Also found in rat poison.
5.Ammonia – Commonly used in cleaning products and fertilisers.
6.Acetone – Also used in nail polish
7.Toluene – A highly toxic chemical used as an industrial solvent.
8.Methylamine – Also found in tanning lotion.
9.Pesticides – Used on tobacco plants to kill pests and insects.
10.Polonium 210 – A radio active element used in nuclear weapons
11.Methanol – Also used in aviation fuel.

What does the law say?

According to Section 2.1 (a) of the Tobacco Products Control Amendment Act of 2007, you are not allowed to smoke:
1.A public place
2.Any area within a prescribed distance from a window or, ventilation inlet of, doorway to or entrance into n public place:
3.Any motor vehicle when a child under the age of 12 years is present in that vehicle
4.A private dwelling if that private dwelling that is used for any commercial childcare activity, schooling or tutoring.

Other dangers:

1. Cancer
2. Reproductive issues
3. Early menopause
4. Heart disease
5. Reduced athletic abilities
6. Brittle bones
7. Damaged gums and teeth
8. Stained nails and fingers
9. Uneven skin tone
10. Wrinkles
11. Psoriasis
12. Sagging arms and breasts


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