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There was no name yet and was called “Die tweede Afrikaanse hoërskool in Secunda” (the Second Afrikaans highschool in Secunda).

The Bulletin Newspaper
Personnel from 1988 FLTR: Josiah Mtsheweni, Piet Mnqusho, Elzette Botes (Head Master), Martha Sikhosana

2018 will be a big year for Hoërskool Oosterland.
They will be celebrating their 30 year anniversary this year.
In January 1988 a new school in Secunda opened its doors.

The Bulletin Newspaper
The Oosterland first arrived at the Cape of Good hope on January 29, 1688 and was lost at sea nine years later. The wreckage was discovered by divers 300 years after first arriving at the Cape of Good Hope. Hoërskool Oosterland’s name was derived from this ship.

The Name Oosterland was adopted later the same year after a ship of the Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (VOC) or Dutch East India Company called Oosterland. The idea was that the precious cargo of porcelain and spices would be represented in the children of the school.
The ship first arrived at the Cape of Good Hope on January 29, 1688 Captained by Karel de Marville. The Oosterland was lost at sea on 24 May 1697 near Salt River Mouth. Only two people survived out of more than 300 aboard. The wreckage was discovered by divers in 1988, 300 years after first arriving in the Cape of Good hope.
The schools mottos is “Bewerk en Bewaar” (work it and keep it) from the Bible verse Genesis 2:15.
Only 4 of the original personnel that started in 1988 is still with the school. Elzette Botes, she is now also Headmaster, Piet Mnqusho, Josiah Mtshweni and Martha Sikhosana.
“We started with 167 children” Says Elzette “and the teachers were so few they sat in the corner at tea time”
Keep reading the Bulletin as we will be bringing you more of Hoërskool Oosterland’s celebrations throughout this year.


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