Ronél’s big singing plans

The highlight was performing the revue in front of capacity crowds in the Johannes Steggman Theater. Three nights in a row!

The Bulletin Newspaper
Here is a star in the making.

2015 was a great year for Ronél Landman. Graceland hosted their own “Idols” competition with The Bulletin as media partner. Ronél won one of the semi-finals. She sang for the first time in front of a big crowd in the finals. Although she didn’t win the competition she made a very good impression on everyone.
This young and vibrant young woman has big plans. She wants to make singing her career. It is a competitive market with everyone dreaming of “making it big”, but not all has what it takes. Ronél is one of the exceptions.
She has a clean, full voice that is bursting with emotion, and is very mature and well controlled, even though she had no musical training.
Ronél’s rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah (Alexandra Burke version) was absolutely spot on. She handles the low notes with the same ease as the high ones. It is as close to what Leonard Cohen would have wanted it performed.
Listening to her “In the arms of an angel” by Sarah McLaughlin a sense of peace ascends on the listener as the notes flows with absolute ease and confidence.
Ronél was born in Trichardt and attended Laerskool Kruinpark during her primary educations and the Hoërskool Oosterland during her high school years. Hoërskool Oosterland proved to be a start to a lot of singing for Ronél. Her first big step was when she entered the “Oosterland’s Got Talent” competition. She sang a song by Joe Niemand called “genoeg is genoeg”The teachers were blown away. Ronél sang a song by Dana winner, “Dreams are made forever” for the talent evening, and her first appearance before a sizable crowd. “It was scary” says Ronél “it was indescribable, the best feeling on earth”
The next thing she knew 2015 has arrived. This was an important year, Ronél had to do matric! This year saw Graceland “Idols” as well as Oosterland’s revue. Ronél was cast in the lead roll and it proved a great success. The highlight was performing the revue in front of capacity crowds in the Johannes Steggman Theater. Three nights in a row!
A competition followed at Our Place that boosted her confidence even further.
Be Sharp studios in Boksburg is currently recording her first CD.
Keep a lookout for the release of this CD as the Bulletin will let two listeners win a copy each as soon as it is available. Proposed release date is in March.
Ronél will be performing at Eish!! soon and the Bulletin will publish the dates as soon as we can.
With favourite songs such as: In the arms of an Angel, Hallelujah, My Immortal, The Story and Go your own way, it can only be a performance not to be missed.


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