Donkey Derby raises money

It was very clear that they meant business.

The Bulletin Newspaper
René Reynecke in deep thought about his disappearing R20 notes

Saturday night saw the first “Donkey Derby” held in Govan Mbeki Municipal area. The Highveld Bowling association held a fund raising event on Saturday night in the form of a Donkey Derby.
The night started innocently enough with guests arriving early and chatting outside the hall at Multilink in Trichardt.
Patrons were soon ushered in and the bowling fraternity meant business.
A few ground rules were dished out in a stern manner with only little effect. One had to stay seated as waiters were arranged to serve each table. The waiters were players from the region, and one has to say well done to the waiters. The service was excellent!
Maybe just a note or two before I continue, the evening was a fund raiser for the Highveld Bowling Association (HBA). The main aim was to raise funds to help the provincial players financially to compete against other provinces. But enough of that.
The first “exercise” that everyone had to participate in was a wallet loosening exercise. It was very clear that they meant business. No money was to remain in anyone’s wallet. There were plans afoot to make sure that we all give freely and even enjoy it.
R20 notes were to be held in the air and a game of heads and tails were played. But it was no game! I knew that from the start. I kissed the R20 note goodbye and enjoyed the feeble efforts by some to win an elusive and measly R100. If only they knew what was coming.
Without giving away the game plan it will be most difficult to explain what plans they had for us unsuspecting wallet carriers. I can say that it was in the form of horse racing but with a huge twist.
René Reynecke of Multilink sponsored the venue and food. The food was excellent.
The enthusiasm grew with every race as patrons started to get into the swing of things. HBA’s plans seemed to be working as everyone wanted to empty his wallet. Each race was met with loud cheers from the crowd and as the race drew on the cheers grew more intense with tears of joy running down the winners faces, well it looked like it.
The evening was very enjoyable and everyone had an excellent time. Over R40000 was raised that would go a long way in helping with things such as travel expenses of the players.
I now understand why the game is played so slowly, the players attended a Donkey Derby.
But some things are better left unsaid!
Bowls are played at Sasol Club on arguable the best kept bowling lawn in Mpumalanga. Please come and visit them on the weekend.
You might even stay.
– Encee van Huyssteen


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