Reckless Driver gets final written warning

...others were critically injured in horrific accidents on local roads.

The Bulletin
A woman was critically injured and her son died in an accident on the N17 November last year.

A G4S technician driver attended a disciplinary hearing on Friday morning and has been issued with a final written warning after overtaking on solid lines on the R29 between Leandra and Kinross on Tuesday.
The driver of the Chev utility bakkie was speeding and overtaking cars and trucks on several dangerous occasions. Other motorists had to reduce speed to avoid accidents. After dangerously overtaking on solid lines 4 times in less than 5km, The Bulletin contacted media spokesperson for G4S, Wendy Hardy, who were eager to assist.
“The technician’s vehicle has been flagged and he will be closely monitored going forward,” she said, “Thank you for bringing this to our attention and affording us the opportunity to take the necessary disciplinary steps in order to ensure the safety of our staff and the public at large”.
While some people lost their lives, others were critically injured in horrific accidents on local roads last year, mostly because motorists didn’t adhere to road rules.
In November last year a man lost his life and his mother were left critically injured after a head-on collision on the N17 between Kinross and Trichardt. According to bystanders at the time, the driver of an Audi was speeding and driving recklessly for kilometers before overtaking on a curved solid line and colliding with the vehicle of the mother and her son. The driver of the Audi also died in the accident.
How to be a safe driver:
-Don’t drink and drive! You may think you are okay, but if your blood alcohol level is more than 0.05mg per 100ml of blood, you are over the limit. The legal breath alcohol limit is less than 0.24mg in 1000ml of breath.
– Adhere to speed limit; they are there for a reason. Speeding won’t necessarily get you to your destination sooner and financially it doesn’t make sense
-Ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy. Check wipers, brakes, tires, lights and indicators regularly.
-Put away your phone, don’t text while driving and use hands-free mode if you want to make a call.
-Buckle up!
-Turn your cars lights on when the sun starts setting as well as in foggy and rainy conditions. Don’t blind people with the headlights. If you get blinded, use the markings at the side of the road as a guideline.
-Observation is extremely important; remember to check your blind spots and use the indicators when turning.

*A Secunda resident pleaded guilty in Evander magistrate’s Court on a charge of reckless driving. He failed to do a proper lookout and made a u-turn on the N17 between Kinross and Leandra in February last year. In his defense, his lawyer reminded the court that his client has no previous convictions. The driver’s Peugeot, on which he did not have insurance, was written off and an ankle, broken in three places, were among the injuries the driver sustained.
His lawyer requested the court not to suspend his license as he is working shifts and his family will suffer if he can’t work. He had a choice between a fine of R15 000 or 5 months in jail. It is unsure which option he took.


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