Vodacom data, airtime & reception woes

Why does Secunda area have problems with Vodacom reception?


Numerous complaints have been received about cell phone airtime and data vanishing. There are also lots of complaints about Vodacom reception in Secunda area. The Bulletin contacted Vodacom with your complaints.
Bongo Futuse, Vodaworld Media Spokesperson, explained to us why data gets depleted so fast. Here are his answers to our questions.
Why does Secunda area have problems with Vodacom reception?
We are aware of the connectivity problems in Secunda and are working on resolving them.
As part of our ongoing upgrades on our 3G network in the area, the network experienced a technical fault and this triggered connectivity issues on the network. Our engineers are
working around the clock to resolve the problem and we won’t rest until it has been successfully resolved. We would like to apologise to affected customers for inconvenience caused.
Why are so many people complaining about airtime and data vanishing?
The reality is that data isn’t disappearing; we are just using more data, faster. Smart phones are getting more data-hungry and consumers are spending more time on social media.
How much data is your phone using?
• A 2G device uses less data than a 3G or 4G device. When switching from a 3G device to a 4G device, your data usage can, on average, increases approximately three times.
• Watching a 10 minute YouTube video can use up to 150MB of data. An older 3G phone on the 3G network selects an SD YouTube video while a 4G Smartphone on the 4G network views the video in HD.
• If you upload a 1 minute video, it can cost you 120MB of data, while photos are approximately 5MB.
• Social Media apps (Facebook etc) all have default settings that are set to use data when your phone is set on mobile data.
• Auto play of video in the above mentioned apps are a big contributor to data usage.
• Cloud Backup services such as iCloud, Samsung Cloud, Google Drive, MS OneDrive or Dropbox automatically backs up every photo or video you take without you realising it.
• Smart phones have the ability to automatically switch between Wi-Fi and Data mode. When you have poor Wi-Fi signal, your mobile can automatically switch to Data Mode to insure your signal stays stable.
Can you automatically be subscribed to WASP (Wireless Application Service Providers) services? (This is the subscriptions that can cost you e.g. R10/day etc.)
Vodacom has a double opt-in solution which gives customers the option to subscribe to or unsubscribe from any service. No subscription activation can take place without the customer clicking on the subscribe button or replying to an opt-in SMS. We continue to perform daily service monitoring and testing to ensure the double opt-in functionality works as expected. In fact we can confirm that further security features have been added to enhance the double-opt in solution.
TIP: If you want to track and manage your data usage, Vodacom provides a range of tools to do so, from automatic SMS notifications on data usage to data
balance queries you can perform via SMS, USSD or the My Vodacom app. The latest versions of Android and IOS will also help you monitor and manage your data usage or you can install
one of many available data monitoring apps on your phone.

To see if you are subscribed to any WASP services, do the following:
Vodacom – SMS “stop all” to 31050
MTN – Dial *141*5#
Cell C – Dial *133*1#
Telkom Mobile – Dial 081 180


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