Red Star hosts year end

Drag racing and sprints over the “Quarter Mile” took place on the main stretch in front of a capacity crowd.

The Bulletin Newspaper

The past Sunday saw a spectacular Fast Fest year end Festival at Red Star raceway near Delmas.
Once again spectators were treated to a number of activities, all aimed at the motor enthusiast.
Drag racing and sprints over the “Quarter Mile” took place on the main stretch in front of a capacity crowd. Speeds of more than 200km/h were achieved in the 250m measured distance.
Cars of all makes and conversions converged on the event to show whose car is the fastest. The spectators were treated to burn outs, loud engines and fast sprints.
There was a main tent with drinks for everybody as well as a stage were live entertainment took place after the races. A large area was cordoned of and various food and cold drink stalls catered for the hungry and thirsty. Roy’s Prego’s were once again a crowd favourite.
Three drivers with their drifting cars entertained patrons with their drifting and spectators could ride in the cars whilst drifting.
A large sound section was set up next to the drifters and the noise was overwhelming as car owners and installers showed of their sound systems. Each one trying to be louder than the next.
Closer to the starting grid, a small section was cordoned off for sliders. These are small go carts fitted with PVC on their back tyres that added to the skidding effect. The go carts are fairly slow but skidded at the slightest turn.
The main surprise of the day was two special races. The first was between the Nissan GTR 3,7 twin turbo of Race Day Owner Isabel Greyvensteyn and an Extra 330 aerobatic aeroplane!
The second special race was between a motorcycle and the same plane. This race was different in that they both started at the same starting point, in other words a cold start for both the aeroplane and the motorcycle. The first 250 meters definitely belonged to the motorcycle but once they turned there was no stopping the Extra 330. Even after having a large turning radius it could not be matched. The Extra 330 clearly winning both races. Each Extra 330 race ended with a short aerobatic display.
The Extra landed on the track to give the spectators a closeup look at a state of the art aerobatic aeroplane.
Spectators stayed until the very end and enjoyed the day with all the attractions. Keep reading the Bulletin for next year’s dates. Red Star raceway is only about an hours drive away.


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