SANBS Honours donors

Lee-ann Francke gave a heart-warming and emotional account about the need for blood donations.

The Bulletin Newspaper
Alwyn Castens (350 Donations)

Graceland played host to the yearly SANBS Donor Awards on Thursday, 2 November.
The tables were beautifully decorated and the hall looked stunning. Donor that achieved donation milestones were invited to receive recognition from the South African Blood Services.
The evening started with a few speeches. These covered the critical levels of blood SANBS is experiencing, as well as a report on the activities of SANBS for the past year.
Lee-ann Francke gave a heart-warming and emotional account about the need for blood donations. Her father needed 55 units of blood while hospitalised. She has now made a commitment to help get 55 units for SANBS and recently donated her first unit of blood. She has also decided to get as many people as possible to donate blood.
The stars of the night were undoubtedly the donors that donate unselfishly every 65 days. The donor ages varied from all ages, but one can only donate from age 16 years.
The donor of the year was Alwyn Claasen who donated 350 units of blood throughout his life. He achieved this milestone at the age of 80 years. Alwyn said in his characteristic humble way that the honour is not his, but gave full credit to God for allowing him to achieve this milestone. He continued to tell everyone how he always asked for the opportunity to achieve the next milestone and so on. Alwyn has been on the donor committee for more than 20 years and asked the committee to join him on stage.
The evening was concluded with excellent food and music.
Well done to SANBS, but most of all, thank you to all the donors who make such a difference in strangers’ lives.
The Bulletin would like to call on everyone to go and make a difference and donate blood. The levels are critically low and there is only blood left for 1.6 days.
Go and make a difference – donate today!


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