Shooters brace the cold

A sighting shot could also be shot in this time.

The Bulletin Newspaper

The annual ARMS/Slingervel Head Shot Competition were held on Saturday. There were more than 100 participants.
A marker was thrown and the shooting line was where it landed. The targets were antelope heads and were shot at from about 220m. There was a 120 sec time limit and two shots had to be shot at each target within this time limit. A sighting shot could also be shot in this time.
Any calibre rifle between .204 and .375 were allowed. The wind made the shooting difficult and the cold weather didn’t help at all. It did however, help to level the playing fields. A total of 105 shooters participated in the competition and they shot at 240 targets. A minimum of 1440 shots were fired. The participants varied from very young to very old.
At noon everybody gathered for a prayer session to ask God for help and guidance regarding the farm murders. A number of the participants were farmers and the issue is close to their hearts. The crime statistics in Mpumalanga is of great concern.
A factor that makes the competition so unique is that only five prizes are awarded for achievement and the other prizes are given as lucky draws. The 1st prize in the lucky draw was in the same price range as the prize for the best shot. The prizes amounted to more than R50 000.
Arno Theron placed first with a score of 28/30 and 22/30, Carl Buitendag came second with a score of 28/30 and 14/30, Neil Venter came third, Celest Baily won the women’s title and Armand Mahne was crowned junior winner.
The Main sponsors were ARMS (Pretoria) and Slingervel (Secunda). Graceland Hotel, Casino and Country Club sponsored a sausage roll to all the shooters, as well as the women’s prize. Pinnacle Auto BMW also sponsored a prize and displayed their motorcycles at the range.
“Without the range officers of the Houtkapper branch, nothing would have been possible” says Mark Kruger of Slingervel, “they handled the shooting range and I especially thank them for making the day a success.”


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