NRC end year on a high

The main battle was in the R2 Class with 9 teams competing

The Bulletin Newspaper

As the dust settles over the Carnival Rally, Guy Botterill and Simon Vacy-Lyle emerged as the 2017 NRC Champions.
The last rally of the National Rally Championship 2017 took place at Carnival City on 20 and 21 October. It proved to be a rally would decide the champion for the year. It also had its fair share of excitement as with all rallies.
Day one saw the ceremonial start at Carnival Toyota, just to see the cars race of towards to the first stage of the day.
Stage one saw Leeke/Kohne take first place with a lead of 4.3 seconds over local team AC Potgieter/Nico Swartz and 7.1 seconds over Ferreira/Jordaan in 3rd place. Second stage saw team Ferreira/Jordaan overtake Leeke/Kohne to ultimately win the rally in the Class S2000 with their Toyota Auris. The 2L Auris outran the 1600 class R2 cars with a few seconds on every kilometre. They had to compete in the open class.
The main battle was in the R2 Class with 9 teams competing.
The fourth stage saw a time difference of only 1.2 seconds between Leeke and Potgieter in the overall standings. Unfortunately the Ford Fiesta of Leeke could not start in the open area and he had to retire, leaving Botterill having to finish third or up to take the championship.
The racing did not end there. Stage 5 saw Botterill overtake Potgieter on the overall standings with a 0.7 second lead.
The Classic Class only saw three entrants for this rally and only two finished. Lee Rose and Elvene Coetzee took first place. Natie Booysenand Johan Smit took second. Both cars are Ford Escort and both are yellow.
Day two started very early with the drivers leaving the Parc Ferme at around 7 o’clock. Dust and high winds would plague the day for the spectators.
George Smallberger made a spectacular roll on a straight road at stage 7. Their VW picked up mechanical problems at high speed and at a little bump in the road went back over front. The safety equipment in the car did a magnificent job in securing both driver and navigator. No one was injured.
The lead in the R2 Class changed again with Potgieter leading Botterill followed by Scott Howden. AC Potgieter retained his lead in the R2 Class till the end finishing first. Guy Botterill concentrated in securing at least third place as well as finishing the rally.
Final standings were Overall: 1st Joubert/Lourens, 2nd Potgieter/Swartz, 3rd Botterill/Vacy-Lyle.
R2 class: 1st Potgieter/Swartz, 2nd Botterill/Vacy-Lyle and 3rd van Wyk/Howden
Classic: 1st Rose/Coetzee ans local team Booysen/Smit second.
Luné Strydom Snyman and Edward Strydom took 3 prizes. 3rd Regional NR2 Class, 3rd National Open Class and 1st Open Class Champion.


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