Car ablaze on N17

According to the motorist, he was on his way to his home in Bethal.

The Bulletin Newspaper

A VW caught fire and completely burned out on the N17 between Secunda and Bethal on Sunday night, 22 October.
The driver (who wants to remain anonymous) said the fire started in the engine compartment and spread from there.
According to the motorist, he was on his way to his home in Bethal. It took the driver nearly 15 minutes just to get one of the passing cars to stop and assist him.
He also claimed that the fire engine took a very long time to arrive at the scene. The fire engine only arrived after there was nothing left to save. They merely extinguish the fire. A firefighter tried to extinguish the fire with a nozzle that creates a circular spray pattern, only to resort to bending the nozzle and using the spray from the broken hose to cool down the fire and eventually extinguish it.
Langamed South Ambulance Services were also on the scene to help. Police also responded and were on the scene to regulate the traffic.
“The Govan Mbeki Municipality is currently facing a huge financial crisis and it is quite evident if one looks at the state of the fire equipment that was on the truck,” said a bystander on the scene.
DA Councillor Ciska Botha said it is critical that the rescue and emergency equipment is kept in pristine condition to ensure its full functionality. “It is very difficult for the firemen to do their work if they don’t have the correct equipment that is in full working order.


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