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The Bulletin wishes to place emphasis on the road safety part of Transport month

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An accident accured close to the Leandra Tollgates early on Monday evening. It is alleged that a vw polo did a u-turn on the N17, into the path of the Truck. The driver of the Polo, unfortunately succumbed to his injuries. SAPS is still busy with their investigation. Photo by Langamed Services South

Transport month is for many just another phrase that the government coined. But Transport month is more than that.
The following was taken from the government website: During this month government and specifically the Department of Transport and its entities will showcase transport infrastructure services in aviation; maritime; public transport and roads. This month will also be used to further advance the country’s road safety initiatives, while also creating awareness of the economic benefits of the sector.
The Bulletin wishes to place emphasis on the road safety part of Transport month. A recent article in our paper stated that 7 people were killed in the GMM region. That Heritage weekend saw 11 people dying on our town’s roads, according to the local emergency services. The Facebook statistics show that it touched every person here in South Africa. That small article on Facebook reached 63 854 people, with 21 649 people who clicked on the post.
There was a steep increase in the number of collisions in the Highveld Ridge area over the past few years. Many factors contributed to these collisions, like deteriorating road conditions, rain, traffic lights that were faulty and most of all bad driving behaviours. A thing that was also noted was that people were unsure on how to use the new traffic circles, this is something new in GMM.
The recent death of MP Tarnia Baker proves that not only motorists are killed on our roads. Mrs Baker was crossing the road when a truck ran her over, killing her instantly according to reports.
The new trend of cattle herds grazing next to the main roads is also adding to the road problems. Motorists are urged to reduce the speed at which they are traveling – especially at night. Recent pockets of mist have also increased the risk of accidents.
Here are a few safety tips to get home safely:
• Drive defensively! …
• Avoid all distractions -Keep both eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel!
• Be visible – drive with your lights on!
• Headlights should be dipped well before an approaching vehicle is within range of the main beam.
• Stay within the speed limit at all times.
Emergency responders reported many disturbing factors that aggravated injuries, and in some cases even caused death. One of these include occupants not wearing safety belts. These instances resulted in patients suffering neck fractures and severe head injuries, children that were seated on a parent’s lap were forced into the windshields, occupants were ejected from vehicles and killed, and people lost limbs when they were ejected and the vehicle rolled over them.
Remember, that there might be a loved one waiting for you or you passenger.


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