4×4 Extreme dirt day

The event took place at the 4x4 track opposite Graceland’s entrance at the 4x4 track.

The Bulletin Newspaper
Photo by - Pierre Jordaan

The 4×4 Extreme Dirt Day tested every contender’s skill to their limits.
Anyone with a 4×4 vehicle could enter. The event took place at the 4×4 track opposite Graceland’s entrance at the 4×4 track.
A number of cars entered and a few struggled with the extreme terrain that had to be navigated.
Some of the cars took to the route as they were specifically made for such an event. It was make or break for a few people as they struggled to keep their 4×4’s from tipping over. The crowd quickly caught on to some of the rules and they called in unison each time a vehicle moved backwards “Roll Back”.
There were three categories of difficulty namely a green track, a yellow track and a red track, with green being the easiest.
The day was enjoyed by participants and spectators alike. A number of vendors showcased their wares around the track.
This day proved to be a very enjoyable day and will only grow from here.
Photo’s by – Pierre Jordaan


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