No licenses due to old debt

Motorists complained to The Bulletin about the delays.

The Bulletin Newspaper

Citizens of Govan Mbeki recently had to turn back empty handed from the licensing offices in Bethal.
Applying for licenses that are about to expire a few months ago, citizens were told that the cards cannot be issued.
Motorists complained to The Bulletin about the delays.
The license holder stated that an application was made on 4 May at the Bethal License department, but are told every time they enquire about the license that it cannot be issued.
On 13 September, Mr MG Vuma, Senior Manager: Transport Administration and Licensing from the Department of Community Safety, Security and Liaison, replied that he would investigate and revert to the License holder.
The Bulletin phoned Mr Vuma during the last week of September to verify the reasons for the non-issuing of licenses. Mr Vuma stated that the “card division” cannot issue discs as Bethal offices still owes money to the Card Division, even though the licensing functions have now been transferred back to the province.
On Monday, 2 October, Mr Vuma stated that an agreement was reached and that the cards can be issued from Monday, 2 October. The Bulletin enquired to the terms of the agreement, only to be told by Mr Vuma that the agreement has nothing to do with the people or The Bulletin. GMM recently still owed approximately R100m to the department. The Bulletin stated that monies owed to the department has everything to do with the people as it is their money that was misspent. Mr Vuma chose to end the conversation abruptly.
The Bulletin will enquire about this agreement from the National Department as to the terms of this agreement.
The people of Govan Mbeki Municipality have a right to know the terms of this agreement as it personally affects them. Especially if fined for a license not issued by the “Card Division” because of municipal debt.


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