Bobbies shock Sasol

Bloemfontein played with vigour and attacked the home team’s backline on every occasion.

The Bulletin Newspaper

Bloemfontein Police beat Sasol Hydra-Arc on Saturday which can be described as “the biggest shock in SA Rugby Union’s international series for the Gold Cup so far this year”.
The game was played before a large crowd that packed the pavilions here in Secunda.
The match started at a fast pace with Sasol scoring the first points when they converted a penalty. Bloemfontein played with vigour and attacked the home team’s backline on every occasion. Sasol returned the favour and attacked the Bobbies’ backline. The speedsters from Sasol did not get the space to play the attacking game that they played against Vereeniging. Every time that the backline started to run two Bloem players were there to tackle them.
It was a close game throughout the full 80 minutes with the match being decided only in the dying minutes of the game. Sasol received two uncharacteristically yellow cards through the game that cost them dearly.
One big point of concern is the kicking abilities of Sasol’s kickers. The miss rate is too high and the kickers should really concentrate on kicking the ball through the posts. It must be noted that the wind didn’t hand anybody any favours and clearly made kicking more difficult, but it was also a problem in Vereeniging. There were a lot of handling errors that if it didn’t occur, could have swayed the game into Sasol’s favour. Some of these handling errors were unforced and handling should also be practised.
There was a marked improvement in the scrums and lineouts that shows the practise sessions have been put to good use. The forwards also played a good attacking game with some good runs.
Sasol scored a good try close to the end to see them lead by a small margin, just to see a lapse in concentration, allowing Bloemfontein to charge down a kick that resulted in a try under the posts.
Sasol replied with fire and nearly scored, but the try attempt was ruled as “held up” as time ran out for the home boys.
The log is still dominated by Sasol and they will be playing against a team from pool B in two weeks’ time. The Bulletin will be bringing you all the news as it unfolds.


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