AC wins regional rally

Team Natie Booysen did very well

The Bulletin Newspaper
Photo by Jan Viljoen Rally Maniacs

AC Potgieter is the winner of the Northern Regional Rally that was held in Secunda this weekend.
The R2 class was hotly contested with 7 teams competing in this class. AC took an early lead and won all 7 stages. A total of 18 teams participated in 5 classes.
Richard Leeke did not finish. Local girl Lune Strydom and her farther/navigator did not finish as their car developed engine problems. Team Natie Booysen did very well as well as Team Kosie van der Merwe who drove the last stage without a clutch, first gear and second gear.
This was the third last regional race. The next regional contest will be held in conjunction with the nationals at Carnival City and the last regional will be in November in Delmas. The last 3 regionals will determine the Northern Region champions. The two teams contesting for the title are the teams of Richard Leeke and AC Potgieter. AC Potgieter is the defending champion. If he wins this year, as well as next year, he will be awarded Protea colours.


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