National Agricultural Youth Show

Agricultural societies in South Africa identified the need to involve school children in the agricultural sector

The Bulletin Newspaper

For the first time ever all recipients of provincial colours in Mpumalanga were together at one function.
The National Agricultural Youth Show (Mpumalanga) held their honours function at Hoërskool Hoogenhout in Bethal on Thursday 21 September.
All 47 recipients were present to receive their provincial colours. Headmasters of the various schools were present to hand out the jackets.
Children from all over the province partake in this youth show. The SA Championships for Youth Show will be held in Bathurst from 1-4 October. Mpumalanga will be represented by the 47 children who received their colours.
It takes a lot of preparation to get everything in order as livestock have to be transported to Bathurst. Chickens and doves cannot be transported due to the avian flu restrictions countrywide. Those participants will have to use props to show their skills.
“Agricultural societies in South Africa identified the need to involve school children in the agricultural sector. The National Agricultural Youth Society was founded in 1999. The primary aim of the Youth Society is to cultivate an affinity for agriculture among the youth, create opportunities for children to participate in extracurricular activities in agriculture, develop a range of skills and encourage teamwork.” (As stated on the website .) This is not aimed at agricultural schools but any child can participate.
There are 15 sections that children can participate in namely: Horses, Cattle-Beef, Cattle-Milk, Sheep-Wool, Sheep-Mutton, Goat-Mutton, Goat-Milk, Goat-Mohair, Pigs, Poultry, Pigeon-Racing, Pigeon-Fancy, Rabbits, Dairy products and Culinary art.
These sections are further dived into three sections that defines the age groups. Jnr Jnr is 4-10, Jnr 11-14 and senior 15-18. The children is judged and not the animals. They get scored as follow: Knowledge 20%, Washing 15%, Preparation 15% and showmanship 50%. There are handbooks available on the NAYS webpage that gives guidance to what is expected in caring for the animals in preparation for the show.


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