Telkom robbed at gunpoint

The robbers gained access to one of the offices by jumping over the counter

The Bulletin Newspaper

Telkom Secunda was robbed at gunpoint just after opening their doors this morning 20 September.

According to an employee (name withheld) they all entered a minute or two late.

When they entered the back room, they heard a noise.

As they turned around they realized that the gunman was standing behind them. He took out his firearm and forced them to the ground, insisting “Down Down Down! “

Initially they thought there were only 3 robbers but the fourth appeared shortly after.

The robbers gained access to one of the offices by jumping over the counter.

Everyone was forced to lay on the ground and the security on top of them.  Few kicks were dished out to get everyone to move into place.

An undisclosed amount of cell phones were taken.

A pregnant female client walked in on the robbery. She was assessed and treated by Langamed South.  Fortunately, no one else sustained any injuries.

Employees managed to trip a silent alarm and Police and Security firms responded immediately.

The robbers fled the scene in a silver Toyota Corolla. A similar car was spotted at Lake Umuzi but proved not to be the getaway car.

Police are still busy with their investigation. No arrests have been made yet.


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