Hefpa (Highveld East Fire Protection Association) held a training session on 11 August for all Hefpa members in the region.
The Head of the Secunda Fire Department, Shelly Shabalala, spoke to the group, thanking everyone for their commitment and help when there are fires.
Gert Kühn, Chairman of Hefpa, opened the event.
The aim of the training was to teach farmers and their workers the correct methods to control and extinguish veld fires, and the importance of wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) in all fire related cases.
The group was also taught why unnecessary fires should not be started and the dangers and effects of unnecessary fires.
The group also learnt how to work together with the Fire Department, the community and farmers when a fire breaks out.
Sasol Fire Brigade and WOF (Working of Fire) conducted the training and the management of Hefpa thanked them for their input.


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