Cemetery is dilapidated


Residents are not happy with the state of the Secunda Cemetery.
There is allegedly no electricity at the cemetery and the building where the chapel once was, now has broken windows.
“The bathrooms are dirty and cannot be used at all,” said one of the residents.
According to him there is also a problem with traffic when three or four funerals are taking place at the same time.
“There is only one entrance and no exit.
“The municipality can just make another entrance or exit so that the traffic can flow.”
Residents were upset with the municipality last year in September when a notice was put up that tombstones that did not comply to certain requirements would be removed to make maintaining the cemetery easier.
Bheki Khubeka, Head of Marketing and Communications at Govan Mbeki Municipality at that time said: “Most of the transgressions identified, are in violation of the cemetery policy.”


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