DA members and councillors picketed outside the council chambers this morning during a Women’s Council meeting to protest against council’s decision to buy a new vehicle for the Mayor, Flora Maboa-Boltman.
Ciska Botha, DA Chief Whip in the Govan Mbeki municipal area, said the ANC spends while the municipality is going bankrupt.
Govan Mbeki Municipality hosted a women’s celebration event and representatives from women structures and officials from government departments spoke on topics including the protection order, gender based violence, violence against women and children, maintenance and business opportunities for women.
“Instead of wasting public funds to fill the bellies and the egos of municipal officials and established women’s structures, that will have hundreds of women in Govan Mbeki remaining in vulnerable and dire conditions, the DA calls for more meaningful support of women through constructive empowerment campaigns, and a more competent and trained policemen that will conduct quality and specialised investigations into woman abuse and sexual assault,” said Ciska.
“Now, these women will also hear that they are left without vital services.
“Eskom is throttling electricity again in October, because of non-payment.
“While we are left in the dark, there is no indication or relief that other creditors won’t follow suit.
“The ANC must stop spending and start paying.
“While Eskom has been waiting impatiently for the R496.3 million owed by the municipality and making agreements with the municipality since 2011, the DA has also learnt that the ANC is planning to attempt to buy a new car for the Mayor in excess of R1.5 million.
“They are also planning on buying a new car for the Speaker.
“While eating breakfasts, wanting fancy cars and holding pointless events they are also turning their backs on other creditors including the Licence and Registration Office (R120.2 million), Rand Water (R71 million), SARS (R5.4 million) and the Municipal Workers Pension Fund (R2.9 million).
“When confronted with questions and verbal demands in the council about the abysmal state of the municipality, that affects all the residents of Govan Mbeki municipal area, the DA is left stunned for receiving extremely vague or no responses whatsoever even including: ‘we will see if it works out’.
“We are saying enough is enough.
“No more wastage.
“They should forget about driving around on their dilapidated roads in luxury vehicles, put down their undeserved muffins and start showing real initiative.
“Their utter disregard towards the well-being of this community must come to an end.
“We demand that the municipality takes a serious look at their books and follow the lead of Cape Town, Johannesburg, Tshwane and Nelson Mandela Bay.
“The ANC-led municipality must pay their debts first before thinking of spending frivolously on breakfasts, luxury cars and events with public money.”
Encee van Huyssteen, DA Caucus Leader said the Mayor obviously does not take this matter seriously as she was joking with the picketers and said to them: “Ag please man, I want a car to drive around with.”
“She does not have respect and this was obviously an ANC meeting,” said Encee.


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