Govan Mbeki Municipality appoointed BM Mhlanga as acting Municipal Manager.

Many councillors of different political parties are upset about the hasty appointment of the new CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and the new MM (Municipal Mayor) during a special council meeting held on Tuesday, 15 August.
BM Mhlanga was appointed as acting Municipal Manager and BB Sithole as the new Chief Financial Officer.
The current acting Municipal Manager, ME Michele, will return to his normal position as Regional Manager.
DA Councillors said this memo was only given to them at the council meeting and not beforehand as it is supposed to be.
They suggested that the council handle it at the next meeting on 29 August, but the ANC majority council went ahead and appointed the MM and CFO anyway.
Encee van Huyssteen, Caucus Leader for the DA said there is certain procedures that needs to be taken when appointing new officials that was not followed.
“The council did not follow any of the procedures, they just said these officials were appointed,” said Encee.
“The new CFO has a questionable background. We will investigate it further and if this appointment was against the law, we will open a case.”
The DA opened a case against the previous Municipal Manager, Mmela Mahlangu, but nothing came from it.
Freedom Front Plus Councillor, Aranda Nel-Buitendag, is also not happy about the way things were handled at this meeting and said if the municipality handled it at the next council meeting, it would have given all councillors the opportunity to gain more information about the applicants and see a short list of candidates before any decisions are made.
“Although the interview process took place earlier this year, there was never any report-back to council before a final candidate was identified”, said Aranda.
According to her, the short-list for the new CFO consisted of six candidates.
“The report brought to council regarding the appointment of a CFO, stated that the appointment of a CFO is in an effort of the municipal executives to bring-about an institutional transformation.
“There were no documents with a CV or any of the new CFO’s qualifications attached for council’s perusal.
“Although the new CFO is set to take up office on 1 September, the matter of the appointment must still be presented to the MEC of COGTA (Co-Operative Governance and Traditional Affairs).”


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