Govan Mbeki Municipality recently started using new budget reforms introduced by the National Treasury for compliance with legislative regulations, municipal standards charts of accounts.
“It was deemed necessary for the municipality to change the financial system,” said Bheki Kubheka, Head of Marketing and Communications at Govan Mbeki Municipality.
He said there are currently delays with the billing because the alignment of the tariff structures to the new financial system, including the block tariffs and the fixed charges combined, are challenges.
The municipality also experience difficulties with the integrated water and sewer tariffs and alignments of rate payers’ email addresses to the new system for ease of statements distribution.
“These challenges are being given the highest priority and it is anticipated that the challenges will be resolved soon,” said Bheki.
“The municipality would like to apologise for the inconvenience it might have caused to the rate payers, in the interim consumers are urged to make payments based on previous months’ rates and consumption balances with the average percentage increase of 7% to cover the yearly rates increases.
“All adjustments will be made in the subsequent consumers accounts which will be issued in August.”
Tariffs increases for the financial year of 2017/2018 have been approved and electricity will go up with 1.88%, water with 10.2%, sewerage with 10.2%, refuse with 6.4% and property rates with 6.4%.


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