The Motaung family wants answers after their baby died in Evander Hospital.
According to Mokone Jonas Motaung, grandfather of Thakane Motaung who was born in Evander Hospital on Monday, 24 July, the baby girl was perfectly healthy at birth, but died the next day.
“The hospital called me on the Tuesday and said my granddaughter died,” said Mokone.
“I went to the hospital and they said I could not see the body of my grandchild.
“I went to the hospital again on Wednesday and again they said I cannot see the body.”
Mokone eventually saw the body of his grandchild, but by then a post mortem had already been done to determine the cause of death.
However, by Monday (7 August) the hospital staff could still not tell the family what caused Thakane’s death.
According to Mokone, staff told him the doctor who can help him was not on duty when he was there to find out what happened.
Mokone now wants to open a case at the police, but he says he needs a case number from the hospital and hospital staff told him they cannot provide such a number yet as they are still investigating the cause of Thakane’s death.



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