Young referee, Jonathan Lottering, refereeing at his first television game.

Although Jonathan Lottering cannot play rugby anymore, he is still involved in this sport as a referee.
This matric pupil of Hoërskool Secunda, had to stop playing rugby two years ago because of a knee injury.
“I loved rugby so much and then decided to do a course in refereeing, then I can still be part of the game” said Jonathan.
His father, Tommie Lottering and his uncle, Gerrie Lottering, were both referees.
“They introduced me to it.
“My uncle was a ref for Currie Cup Rugby.”
Tommie is the chairman of the Puma Referee Union.
“My father is the one who encouraged me to do this and he has always supported me and driven me to all the matches.”
Jonathan completed the level 1 refereeing course last year and level 2 this year.
He is planning on doing level 3 next year.
He appeared on television for the first time on 13 May when HTS Middelburg played against Hoërskool Middelburg and Jonathan was the assistant referee.
The game was broadcasted live on SuperSport.
He has also acted as assistant referee for a game between the Pumas and the Valke on 3 June in Middelburg.
Lesego Pro Legoete, who is part of the elite panel of referees, watched Jonathan’s games
“You have a bright future,” are the words Jonathan will always remember.
His hero, Lesego, came to him after a match where Jonathan was the referee and said that to him.
He also said Jonathan showed exceptional refereeing skills.
“I think that was my best game ever.”
Jonathan missed playing rugby last year and said it has happened that he caught the ball and wanted to run, but then he remembered he is the referee and not a player.
He wants to study to become a bio kineticist next year.
He has already been accepted at three universities and still must decide which one he will attend.
His next aim is to get accepted by the South African Academy Squad for referees.
The coach and manager of this squad, Eugene Daniels, has watched Jonathan refereeing at games.
Jonathan said he has learnt not to pay much attention to people commenting from the stands.
“You always get those people who shout things like: ‘Ref you cannot see etc.’,” said Jonathan.
He wants to improve his refereeing skills in every possible way and he always asks the coaches of the teams for feedback after he has blown at a game.
His motto in life is Hinc Orior, a Latin phrase that means: From here I arise.
He designed a shirt with the logo: ‘Refereeing is my thing, but Jesus is my King.’
Jonathan has refereed at 75 games and his next goal is to do his level 1 course in Sevens World Rugby.
In his free time, he watches rugby on television or the real games if it is possible for him to go.
He also enjoys playing the piano and spending time with friends.
He is a keen Sharks supporter and his favourite referee is Rasta Rasivhenge.
“I like the way he handles the players and every situation on the field.
“He also smiles when he runs.
Jonathan’s ultimate dream is to blow at a World Cup Finals Rugby game.
However he handles every game as though it is a World Cup Finals game.
“Those players play their hearts out.”
Jonathan needs to be fit to be a referee and he runs about 4km daily and exercises in the gymnasium in the afternoons.


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