Four rope skippers of the Rize Up Skippers Club in eMbalenhle are taking part in the World Jump Rope Championships in Orlando in the United States of America this week.
Keolebogile Mokolopo is the national coach of the team and is also participating as a rope skipper in the championships.
Mbali Nyundu (22) and Amanda Msongelwa (16) are competing in the double under relay, as well as other items.
Sonopo Tshilwane is a jumper from the Free State who is also part of Keolebogile’s team.
These four rope skippers are participating in the 30 seconds speed item for teams where they must jump for 30 seconds and see how many times they can jump.
Their other items include the 3 minutes speed item, individual free style and the Chinese Wheel.
“I expect very good performances from my team, we have put in a lot of work in preparing for the championships,” said Keolebogile before the team’s departure on 30 June.
“We exercised more than 16 hours per week.
“We are very excited to be part of the world championships.”
Keolebogile was also a participant in the 2010 World Championship and Mbali took part last year and finished among the Top 30.
This year she plans on coming home with a medal.
“It is an honour to be a national coach and I am hoping to come home with at least one medal,” said Keolebogile.
“The other countries taking part in the championships are very competitive. Their teams have an advantage because they arrived a week before the championships and had time to get used to the surroundings and to practice, while we only arrived a day before the championships.”


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