Dewald Erasmus is Sasol Cricket Club in Secunda’s best cricket player of the year.
He received the trophy for this prestigious achievement on Saturday evening at the club’s annual awards ceremony.
Erasmus was also awarded as the Mpumalanga Bowler of the Year.
Johan Scheepers received the award for the best Sasol 1 team batsman.
This was the second consecutive year he has won this trophy.
Dodds van Zyl’s accuracy as bowler landed him the trophy as best bowler of the first team.
Sasol 2’s Bowler of the Year is Dylan Niemand and their Batsman of the Year is Werner Coetzee.
Michael Hobkirk, SSCC’s deputy chairman, surprised Ignus Koekemoer, club chairman, with a special merit award for all the work he does for the club behind the scenes.
The prizegiving event was shared with members of the Bulldogs Club as a joint awards evening.
The two clubs have decided to amalgamate and will be operating as one entity in the new season.
The Bulldogs’ Player of the Year is Mbasa Poyana.
Bowler of the Year is the captain of their last season, Francois Buys.
Tesslon Crouch received the trophy as the best Batsman of the Bulldogs.
The SSCC plans to start up a junior team, as well as a women’s team.
Players who are interested to join the club, can contact Ignus Koekemoer at 072 765 5443.



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