Round 6 of the Extreme Festival was recently held at Zwartkops Raceway near Pretoria with a motorsport extravaganza of races.
The event was held over two days ensuring that the motorsport enthusiast have more than enough events to choose from.
Sasol Global Touring Car brigade was Friday’s top pick with plenty of action as the top six cars jostled for position.
With not one car giving an inch it was a tight race to the finish.
Race two saw a restart as one of the BMW’s landed in the sand trap.
The restart also saw two cars leaving the tarmac, but fortunately it did not result in a restart.
See the race results at
The two days saw various events including motorcycle races, Supercars and Legends of the 9th hour.
All of which had their own special bit of excitement.
From the high speeds of the Thunderbikes to the slow speeds of the legends, to the superior handling of the Supercars to the sliding of the legends.
And above all the roar of engines as the cars and bikes come racing past.
The marshals did an excellent job of keeping the track clean and between races the track was a beehive of activity as they scrambled to remove any rubble and oil spills.
Zwartkops had a carnival-like atmosphere with live entertainment and a number of stalls selling all kinds of things to eat as well as catering for the motorsport enthusiast.
The racetrack at Zwartkops is 2,4km long and circulated in a clockwise direction.
The design was done to FIA/FIM International standards to accommodate all categories of racing vehicles with the exception of Formula One and Moto GP.
Zwartkops has a rich history in motorsport and is doing a lot to keep the sport alive and entertaining and is definitely worth a day trip to experience the excitement and thrills of motorsport racing. – Encee van Huyssteen.



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