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Dean Daniels is still looking for his toolbox to be able to find a job as a boilermaker.

Dean Daniels came from Durban to Secunda to find a job as a boilermaker, but his toolbox was stolen and he cannot find a job without his toolbox.
“I had to go to a social worker on 26 April and I left my toolbox with a guy in the CBD,” said Dean.
While Dean was with the social worker, the police and municipal workers cleared vagrants in the CBD and took Dean’s toolbox along with some of his other belongings.
“They also took my blanket and my bag containing my ID book, passport and glasses,” said Dean.
He went to Secunda Police and opened a case of theft.
The police told Dean they dumped all the stuff at Secunda dumping site.
“I went to the dumping site to look for my belongings.
I only found my bag there, but everything inside my bag and my blanket and toolbox are gone.
“Somebody helped me to buy new glasses, but I want my other belongings back, especially my toolbox.”
The toolbox Dean is looking for is a Gedore toolbox with a small square, a big square, a combination square, a bevel square, two hammers, three tapes, a pipe wrench, a shifting spanner, two chalk lines, a lighter, a nozzle cleaner, a small calipher, a chizzle, G clamps, a hack saw, screwdrivers and other tools inside.
“That is my means of working and earning a living, I need my toolbox urgently,” said Dean.
If anyone can help Dean to find his toolbox, contact him at 076 479 8923.



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