Cancer is gone since It’s Time, Neels Minnie, Secunda, The Bulletin, It's Time, Angus Buchan, 22 April, Bloemfontein
Neels Minnie and his wife, Joan, at Angus Buchan's event, It's Time on 22 April in Bloemfontein.

Neels Minnie was diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer about a year and a half ago and had to take a handful of chemo tablets daily.
Today Neels is clear of cancer and he believes God has healed him at the It’s Time event hosted by evangelist Angus Buchan on a farm outside Bloemfontein on 22 April.
When Neels was diagnosed with cancer, the doctor told him there was no cure for this type of cancer.
Neels started with the chemo tablets, but his body presented an allergic reaction to the tablets.
He had sores on his back and hands as a result.
He went to see the doctor a week before the It’s Time event and his doctor told him he cannot go to the It’s Time event as his body might go into an epileptic shock and he could die.
His doctor wanted to admit him to hospital immediately.
Instead of going to hospital, Neels told his doctor: “Sorry doctor, but with all respect, I am going to Angus Buchan’s event.
“Nothing will stop me from going.”
At the event, Angus asked people with heart, blood pressure and stress problems to stand up and Neels stood up.
Angus continued to pray for those people and then asked people with cancer to stand up and again Neels stood up and Angus continued to pray for people with cancer.
“Oom Angus said if you believe, throw away all your medicine and stop your chemo, which I did the same day,” said Neels.
His wife, Joan, went with him to the It’s Time event. She supported him when he decided to stop his chemo and medication.
The allergic reaction on Neels’ skin disappeared.
The Monday back at work at Sasol where Neels works as a project manager, a woman approached him and asked if she could touch his hands and anointed him with myrrh oil.
“She said God appeared to her during the night and told her He had a task for her.
“She had to come to me and tell me that God had seen my suffering and it is over.
“He is going to heal me and He will restore me completely to my former self.
“Obviously, I cried like a baby,” said Neels.
His next doctor’s appointment was only on 18 May. The doctor did tests and then confirmed that Neels was completely healed. The test results were within the standard norms.
“I just want to praise and bring glory to my heavenly Father and thank Him from the bottom of my heart for healing me.”


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