Donate blankets now for project

House of Mercy, NG Rondekerk, Secunda, The Bulletin

The House of Mercy project kicked off in 2013 and women involved in this project teach jobless women life skills as well as skills in sewing.
With this project, they also collect blankets for another leg of this project, namely Winterhoop.
The community can still support project Winterhoop by collecting blankets until 15 June.
The women get together every Thursday at the Ronde Kerk and learn sewing skills.
They have made shopping bags as well as clothes for themselves and they also learnt how to knit.
There are about 20 women and the project is dependent on donations.
“We also have to organise transport for these women,” said Elsa Blom who is involved in the House of Mercy project.
If you want to support this project by donating money, material, sewing machines, wool, thread or anything else needed when making clothes or knitting, contact Elsa Blom at 082 904 9469.



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