Victory Family Taekwondo Centre, JP Vorster, Secunda, The Bulletin
The students of Victory Taekwondo Family Centre who took part in the Arnold Classics are (in front) Yudhi Singh, Cornê van Zyl and Nico Nel. In the middle are Chad Kriel, Vrishti Singh, Savarna Singh and Donavan Lapacz. At the back are Niël Gertenbach, Cornelia Bosch, Danie van den Berg, Sabumnim JP Vorster, Erika Vorster and Jan-Diedrik Kwooitz.

Students from the Victory Taekwondo Family Centre competed at the Arnold Classics Africa earlier in May in Johannesburg and came home with 27 medals.
The 16 students that took part in the Arnold Classics Africa competition from 4 to 7 May where Arnold Schwarzenegger was also present, brought home eight gold medals, 14 silver medals and five bronze medals.
Chad Kriel and Donavan Lapacz were honoured to do a demonstration for Arnold and had their own meet and greet session with him.
“This multi-sports event was an enormous platform and surely a great honor to attend,” said JP Vorster, owner of the taekwondo centre.
The students will take part this weekend at the Sasol club and next Saturday in Middelburg.


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