Rudolph ‘Biscuit’ Pretorius, Cedric ‘The Dominator’ Doyle and Paul ‘Piksteel’ Ronge of Dominator’s Den Fight Club.

Fighters of the Dominator’s Den Fight Club took part in the Fight Star 23 Amateurs competition held in Alberton on 6 May.
Only one of the fighters of Dominator’s Den, Paul ‘Piksteel’ Ronge won his fight while the other competitors lost their fights.
“There is no third or fourth places in this sport,” said Cedric ‘The Dominator’ Doyle, owner of Dominator’s Den.
“We don’t shy away from defeat, we stand up and come back and do it all again.
“My fighters and I made mistakes and we learn from our mistakes.
“We live and we learn.”
He thanked God for keeping them safe and for putting the passion in them for practicing this sport.
“It is a mentally, physically and emotionally challenging sport and not everybody can do it.”
Doyle urged all parents of troubled teenagers who have problems with aggression or addiction to enrol them in this sport as it changed Doyle’s life.
He thanked the club’s main sponsor, Roman Alarms for their continuous support.
Dominator’s Den offers classes for women as well.
For more information, like their Facebook Page at Dominator’s Den or contact Andries Lee at 072 335 4442.


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