Sasol closes entrances after gas leak


Sasol closed all entrances earlier today after a gas release occurred at about 12:40.
According to Sasol’s spokesman, Alex Anderson, the gas release was a result of a ruptured gas line.
Emergency procedures were followed immediately and the area was isolated to contain further gas release.
“There was no explosion or ignition of the gas,” said Alex.
Two employees were taken to the medical station and were treated.
“There is no immediate risk to the community and Sasol remains committed to the safety of its employees, service providers and the community,” said Alex.
A message circulated on social media about the incident read: Plant emergency. Gasification. Gas Leak. Tell your family to stay inside.
Please take note message from emergency management the gas leak is only on Sasol and the rest of town can go on with their normal duties. All entrances to Sasol is closed off.



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