Follow these tips when contacting call centre


Govan Mbeki Municipality’s call centre will not be able to issue any reference numbers today as they are in the process of transferring to a new server.
Ena van Rooyn, DA councillor advised people to take the name of the person they speak to when they are reporting problems as well as the time they speak to the person.
Ena gave the following tips:
* Keep calm and greet friendly, introduce yourself and ask whom you are speaking to.
Be sure to get the name of the person you are speaking to.
* Give the street name and house number nearest to where the problem is.
It is important to pin point.
* Keep your description of the problem short and relevant.
* Get a reference number on the lodged complaint for follow-up purposes.
The reference number should be sent via SMS to you (if their system is on).
* If nothing has been done regarding the problem in seven days, contact your relevant ward
Give all the necessary details to your ward councillor with a reference number and a name.
Copy and paste the SMS details and send it to the councillor or share it on the municipality’s
Facebook page.
Water and Electricity problems should be handled as urgent.
Contact the call centre at 017 631 0150 or 080 060 0002 or 080 060 0004.


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