Residents and owners of garden services and refuse removal companies blocked the entrances to the parking area at Secunda Magistrate’s Court this morning.
They started dumping their refuse there because Secunda dumping site is closed.
This came after the owner of the road leading to the dumping site, André du Preez, decided to close the road on Friday because Interwaste, the company responsible for security and maintenance, has not been paid by Govan Mbeki Municipality for three months and stopped delivering their services at the dumping site.
The municipality then called a meeting with Andre to discuss the problem.
Theuns Koekemoer of the traffic department asked the pubic to remove their trucks and open the entrances again as it was illegal to dump their refuse there.
The owners reluctantly removed their trucks and decided to have a silent protest in the council meeting tomorrow.
“Where are we supposed to dump our refuse?” asked one of the owners of a garden services business.
“We’ve got work to do we cannot stand around here the whole day,” said another one.
According to these owners, the dumping site in Kinross is also inaccessible as there is no space to turn their vehicles around.
They considered dumping their refuse at Bethal dumping site, but said it would cost them to much in toll gate fees and fuel and will not be worth it.


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