People still on lookout for ‘lion’


Members of the Secunda Dog Unit and Johan Coetzee from the Mpumalanga Nature Conservation Department are still on the lookout for the lion.
According to Johan and Capt André Joubert from the dog unit, they cannot confirm at this stage if it really is a lion.
“A farmer contacted the police and said a truck driver saw a lion on Monday evening, but people often mistake lions with smaller animals such as a caracal.
“We have not found any tracks yet, but if it is a lion and he gets hungry he will catch cattle or something within the next few days, then we will know more.
“I have people on standby who can dart the lion if anybody spots him,” said Johan.
The truck driver allegedly saw the lion while he was driving in the Leeupan Dam area between Standerton and Leslie.
It is suspected that the lion escaped while he was transported.
According to him owners of lions must have permits to transport lions and Johan do not know of any such permits taken out recently in the area.
If you have any information or spot the lion, contact Johan at 072 361 6104.


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